Throw a great party with this DJ hire Castle Hill

At most weddings, birthday parties, and celebrations there will be a definite call for music and dancing. The best way to meet these requests is to hire a DJ. Big City DJs is able to offer the best quality DJ Hire, with some excellent mixes to choose from. It is also possible to make a custom mix for an event, and lightshows.

The advantages of Big City Djs

  • DJ’s with minimum of 500 events experience
  • DJ’s that have worked across the globe
  • DJ’s that will play what you want
  • DJ’s with premium sound systems
  • DJ’s with premium light systems
  • DJ that is specialised in that particular event

Talk to our Friendly Staff, Big City DJ services on 0468 430 016 or 02 9836 0328.

Awesome mixes

ThisDJ Hire Castle Hill Big City DJ hire Castle Hill is able to offer a number of great mixes that are already made. When hiring our DJs it is possible to look through a number of different mixes with their track listings clearly marked in order to fine the one that is perfect for a party. These mixes include everything from house, to hip hop, to the oldies. There are a number of other kinds of mixes that are able to combine great music that is just silly enough to help everyone to cut loose on the dance floor.

Custom mixes

Before Big City DJ hire does an event in Castle Hill, they do a phone interview with the persons hiring them. This allows for the DJ to work with the hosts in order to come up with a great custom mix. It is possible to use their pre-mixes in order to come up with one that is slightly altered to have some of the host and partygoers favourite songs. It is also possible to look through a huge list of songs in order to come up with the one that is completely unique for the occasion.


Big City DJ is able to put on an amazing lightshow. This lightshow features excellent moving lights that change colour to fit with the music. The light show is able to illuminate the walls, the dance floor, and the persons dancing on it. This can make everything from a fast house song or a slow dance more enjoyable.