Finding the right DJ services for your special event can be an emotional tailspin, and one of the hardest choices to make when organizing an event. Your choice of DJ can make or break your night. The following guide will help you find the right DJ services in Sydney.

Decide on the Kind of DJ you Want

Are you looking for a DJ who will focus more on the hosts or do you want one who talks a lot on the microphone? Do you want Karaoke, Turntables or a service with professional lighting? Write down what you envisage, and how you would like to see the DJ perform.

Figure your Budget

Some DJ services charge close to nothing. Be wary of those. If a DJ for hire in Sydney charges little for their services; go ahead and figure out why their services are so cheap. With DJ services, you get what you pay.

Know who you Are Getting 

It goes without saying that you ought to know the experience of the DJ who’ll be performing. Make sure you know the type of events they perform at and the age groups and if this matches your event.

Know your Package

Different DJs for hire in Sydney offer different packages. Some have “hidden costs:” takedown, setup, preparations, meeting, travel, etc. find out what your package includes. All-inclusive packages are the best option if you don’t want hidden fees.

Find Out Whether the DJ Offers Customized Music Prepared by the Hosts 

Most DJs like to play the same kind of music without considering what is appropriate for the audience, and the event. Find out if the DJ will be willing to play a certain genre, or work to the sound you want to hear.

Read Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews are very important. Your DJ service should be able to provide testimonials and references from past events. If the DJ’s website has a testimonials page you should read it.


So what do you get when you hire us?

  • DJ that is specialised in that particular event
  • DJ’s with minimum of 500 events experience
  • DJ’s that have worked across the globe
  • DJ’s that will play what you want
  • DJ’s with premium sound systems
  • DJ’s with premium light systems

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