If a cancellation for a booking is made after the deposit has been paid then no refund will be given. If a cancellation for a booking occurs within the 14 day period leading up to the booking then no refund will occur. BigcityDj will investigate to the highest degree any complaint about quality, performance or behaviour. Should Bigcitydj agree and find that the booked event is to an unsatisfactory level then we will act upon the guarantee to a mutually acceptable outcome. All refunds are at entirely the discretion of Bigcitydj and will always treat all parties in a fair and reasonable manner.

Bigcitydj reserves the right to cancel a booking within 24 hours due to unforeseen circumstances. If unforeseen or exceptional circumstances arise, If this occurs, a full refund will be given or a credit to your next booking of your choice.

“Notwithstanding anything stated to the contrary in the Contract and, to the extent permitted by law, the aggregate liability of Bigcitydj to the Company for all events giving rise to liability arising out of or in connection with this Contract, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), indemnity or otherwise will be limited to an amount not exceeding one (1) times the value of all payments made by the Company to Bigcitydj for the term of the Contract”

Notwithstanding anything stated to the contrary in the Contract and, to the extent permitted by law, Bigcitydj will not be liable for consequential loss, loss of profit, loss of use, loss of income, loss of rental or other benefit, loss of production, loss of actual or potential business opportunity or loss to reputation”
“Bigcitydj will not be in breach of the Contract or be liable to the Company if Bigcitydj fails to perform or delays in performing an obligation under the Contract as a result of an event beyond its reasonable control.

Insurance Details
Insured: Alan Stewart
Policy Type: Perform Sure Public/Products Liability
Policy No.: PS00070
Public Liability $10,000,000 any one occurrence
Products Liability $10,000,000 in the aggregate during any one Period of Insurance
Property in Physical or Legal Control of the Insured $20,000

Payment terms: As stated in invoice.
Prices quoted are for 4 hour events, subject to change.